I Got The Chainsaw HaHa! The Forest Episode 3

Welcome back to The Forest Survival Gameplay Let’s Play and a brand new series on the channel, today I explore more caves and find the chainsaw plus we start adding some walls around the base.

As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, we find ourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. We must build, explore and survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

In this video we head off exploring again this we stumble across more caves. If you want to find learn about finding the chainsaw in the forest then follow along as we find it in this epiosde, we also head back to camp and use the chainsaw to cut down loads of trees so we can start building some walls and extending the base area.

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The Forest Game features:

▷ Enter a living, breathing world, where every tree and plant can be chopped down. Below ground explore a vast network of caves and underground lakes.

▷ Chop down trees to build a camp, or start a fire to keep warm. Scavenge food to keep yourself from starving.
Build a small shelter or a large ocean side fortress. Lay traps and defences to keep a safe perimeter.

▷ Explore and build during the day. Defend your base at night. Craft weapons and tools. Bunker down during the evening or bring the fight directly to the enemy.

▷ Defend yourself against a clan of genetic mutant enemies that have beliefs, families, morals and that appear almost human.

▷ Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly with crude weapons built from sticks and stones.


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