Survival Minecraft: Ep 1 - A New World

Minecraft Survival Kingdom Ep.2

Join me on a brand new adventure in my all new Minecraft Survival Kingdom, where we will build a medieval/fantasy kingdom with a castle and huge town and see how far we can build in our survival world. So lets play survival Minecraft.

Survival Minecraft Episode 1

Welcome to Minecraft Survival Kingdom my brand new single player world in Minecraft 1.11.2. This is a brand new world where I will be building a new medieval/fantasy style world. We will be doing lots of buildings in this series as well as tons of redstone.

I want to start with a Minecraft castle, as a main base and then expand into a village and eventually onto a city. This is going to be a huge series with lots of building and timelapse videos in my new survival Minecraft world.

I hope you enjoy the episode, if you do please leave a like, it really helps me and my channel.

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Minecraft Survival

In Survival Minecraft, players have an inventory where they can gather items. These items can be combined using certain recipes to create tools and other items. This process is known as crafting. Most crafting recipes need a crafting table. Some items cannot be obtained through crafting normally and require a furnace for processing. Various other crafting stations exist for advanced uses, such as brewing, repairing, and enchanting.

In Survival mode, the player is able to receive damage from the environment and from hostile mobs (unless playing on Peaceful). If the player receives enough damage, they will die and return to their spawn point.

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