Survival Minecraft: Mob Farm & Villager Trading - Ep.5

Survival Minecraft: Mob Farm & Villager Trading - Ep.5

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Survival Minecraft (not hermitcraft) – In this episode we get to work building a Mob Farm so we can gain some XP and get plenty of mob drops such as string, spiders eyes, gunpowder, zombie flesh, bones, bows, arrows, glowstone dust, ect. We are going to need tons of these and the XP will help alot for enchanting.

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This video includes a nice minecraft timelapse video of the building process, so you can get a nice view of me building the mob farm and hopefully a little inspiration.

We also start the villager trading system so we can start trading with some villagers and get some nice items and hopefully some good enchanted books.

The Persistence texture pack really brings out the medieval look of our minecraft base and creates an amazing environment to play.



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