MineCraft VillageCraft: Welcome To The Server

VillageCraft: Playing Survival Minecraft On New Server

Hey everyone and welcome to a brand new Minecraft series on the VillageCraft server, Villagecraft kind of like the Hermitcraft server but with a different range of guys who love to build and create awesome redstone contraptions. Today’s episode is going to be all about getting our first survival house built in the community area and we are going to build a Minecraft Medieval House and it should be pretty awesome, it’s great to be on the VillageCraft server and playing alongside some new faces, now lets get building.

This series will start with some small builds but I have some big projects planned. My goal is to build a huge medieval castle and maybe develop a town around it with house’s a blacksmith and even a tavern, but for now we just need a starter house to get us going.

I hope you enjoy the episode, if you do please leave a like, it really helps me out and my channel grow.


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